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Now this is what I'm psyched for.

Big bug for them could be interesting. Being a HQ slot though...... The Tyrant has been the go to HQ choice for so long for a reason. So it would be nice if it is a genuine competition for that slot. slot.

The 'Nids are at a disadvantage with the lack of allies especially wit all the great combinations out there. Reshaping the idea like that seems okay I guess because that's all Allies are, an extra of each slot, but if 'Nids get this I imagine people nerd raging when it just isn't.

Those Harpy rumours have been around forever.

Huzzah! Guard allegedly getting Skyfire. Though with what they are I'm surprised Tyrannofex wouldn't get it, since I've always pictured a Tyrannofex blasting flyers and such out of the sky on a battlefield. Still, it's rumour so maybe it will get it.

Can't wait for more
. :-)

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