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Originally Posted by Ddraig Cymry View Post
I see. Well then I'll give some opinions on what I think of your thoughts in that second post, I just wanted to make sure I knew exactly what you wanted to do before I offered anything.

Your idea for the Strike Squads and Purifiers is good, they'll be the base of a lot of solid lists.

The Terminators haven't really been nerfed, just changed. And with those changes are the difficulties of changing to a new edition. Grey Knights and their Terminators are still feasible in 6th, so I think you'll have fun and be a force to be reckoned with.

Dreadnoughts work well as long ranged support, so that part is totally doable.

The DreadKnight is a good beatstick for Greater Daemons, Monstrous Creatures, and anything else big enough to be a hassle for your standard troopers.

Overall you've got a good game plan here, can't wait to see your army painted up! I'd like to try an Inquisitorial Retinue army sometime. Just seem interesting.
Thanks for the encouragement! I do plan on posting pics by stage. And hopefully someone can point out things Im doing wrong and other useful tips to making these GKs stand out and get the paint they deserve.

This game has a steep learning curve. Im taking it in stages.
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