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Originally Posted by Ddraig Cymry View Post
Ah Grey Knights, where three different kits will make your whole army haha So what exactly are you trying to do? Find a way to use all the bits in the box rather than make some Knights permanently use a certain weapon? Really, Grey Knights will do anything you want them to do and more. You can play medium point lists and literally have a dozen models on the table, and you'll still be likely to win. Were you thinking of normal Grey Knight colors or a unique palette?
I really want to follow the GK paint scheme. But I would love to do some shading and highlighting to help them stand out. I dig the silver. And would love to try to put some blue into the over all finish.

What I origionally intended was to keep my GKs modular. The only items magnatized would've been the heavy weapons. Although the more I read the more I see people sticking to Psycannons and psyammo.
No I wasnt going to go nuts and use every bit. I was thinking long term bang for the buck. quick swapping of heavy weapon systems based on what I thought I would need against what ever fight I was going into, versus the cookie cutter psycannon/psyammo build.

I believe I spelled it out in my second post in the thread
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