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My intent origionally was to magnetize the heavy weapons, NDKs, and DNs, to allow for modularity. But quickly relized my brain doesnt soak up knowledge like it used to and the one person who was helping me I think got frustrated with my issues.

That plan has been scrapped, so now im going to figure a new way to maintain modularity based on what im going to be playing against.

Im thinking Im going to make 3 squads of 10 Strike Squads, and 1 Purifier...then next month purchase another 10 man squad and make them Interceptors.

As for the termies.... Im not so sure about......yet. I like the idea of the Paladins...but yet I need more research on the pros and cons. Ive been reading via these forums Termies suck in 6th ed. (My old Death Wing used to be walking tanks) But again I need more knowledge on this.

The Dreadnaughts I wanted to use as more of a ranged attacker, (Ive never used DNs so its new to me...more research is needed)

NDKs Close range I was thinking Infernos and Nem. Broadswords. (Like DNs I havent ever used and I need more research)

I want an Army, that can take and hold ground. I want hard hitting actions on objective, and violence of action. Any tips would be Awesome!
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