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Originally Posted by MidnightSun View Post
See, I disagree with the sentiment that it's more tactical. Fantasy, in the few games I've played but the many I've seen, boils down to bring a big fuckoff block of infantry and as many Level 4 Wizards as you can, then follow a set of fairly inflexible tactics (seriously, I've never seen High Elves do anything except sit on Throne of Vines and buff the shit out of either Swordmasters or Phoenix Guard. Never. I got bored playing Ogres because it's a. cast buffs, b. charge. That's the whole game plan). 40k has it's own imbalances (shooting > combat, for example), but unlike Fantasy you can build an army with minimal shooting, or minimal combat, or whatever. In Fantasy, you take a magic-heavy army, because it's the only competitive option.

This ^^^

Fantasy has no tactics, from what I've played and see its exactly as above
Step 1: bring magic
Step 2: win
Step 3: brag and tell everyone how tactical the game is -_-'

Love some of the models though

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