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So I finished my convertion of a warphead weirdboy! huurraah!

So he appeared in the ether of space riding a burning squig as a small spore. After landing near a Pysker filled region of space (where could this be?) he grew up fighting and harnassing his skills to kill of others like hime and created a staff with the mounted heads of past victims that had power like him.
He became stronger but more wild and unruly even for an ork and with the staff he became a conduit of WAAAAGH energy the severed heads acting as amplifiers powering his will and strength.
After so long and the exponential incraese in power the energy started taking physical effects creating extra limbs and causing great disturbaance in almost every ork tribe.
So he went on a merc spree hoisting a banner of all major clans he used his power for hire until they were sick of his sporadic explosions of nearby tanks,orks and on one occasion a warboss that was disputing his pay but he was found by a revolutionary ork Dragblud who gave him full rein aslong as the casualities on the enemies side was greater than on thiers!

So thats abit of roug background and since its 2 am here Im going to bed!

On another note I'm working on a figure called Durham red just a regular repaint and I will add pics tomorrow!

Thanks for looking critisism welcomed and wanted!

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