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Originally Posted by bitsandkits View Post
I think many of you are forgetting that your not GWs target age group and some of you havent been for quite some time, i look back to when i got into the hobby and the books i was reading, tolkien, fighting fantasy,dragon lance where as my father would have been rocking a Tom clancy, Fredic Forsyth or Arthur C Clarke and wouldnt have dreamed of reading some half assed teen scifi like the HH novels or other GW fare.
GWs demographic has changed, when i started the hobby, the stores were full of people wearing studded leather jacket, with long hair and metal t shirts and iron madien would be blasting out on the store stereo (on cassette damn it!) and youths like me were viewed with suspicion, but that era is long gone and the demographic has gone with it, GW openly admit they target the male 12-20 bracket openly, so naturally the products are going to be geared towards that age group and so is the fluff, To someone whos 12 some of the GW stuff is pretty edgy.

Ok the thing i dont like in the fluff is how the numbers simply dont stack up, a thousand marines per chapter and there are about a thousand chapters blah blah blah, ok i know we have to suspend believe for pretty much everything in 40k but the number of active marines is just total bollocks and for me is the thing drastically in need of correction,its irritated me since i first read it, even the legion numbers are far too low.
At the speed it takes to replace a marine and the number that must die per mission they would not have lasted 10k plus years.
Well according to some of the fluff i have read, the Ultramarines Legion had over 600,000, and it constitutes to just about 60%+ of all chapters, while the Dark Angels, Salamanders, Blood Angels have been on the verge of extinction for over 10,000 years.

Not only that but are we really expect to believe that a single company can overcome an entire planetary system with billions of folk fighting it, a Space Marine Company, even a Terminator Company would not last more than a few weeks in combat here on a circa 2013 earth, a few tungsten/ceramic core anti personel rounds would kill one in a minute.

Ultramarines are Pussies

Except Dark Angels, any chapter that sounds like a Death Metal Band can't be that bad.
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