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Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
Fear to Tread: U or 0.00000000000000000001/Googolplex. Or failing that, a complete abortion of a novel in every singular way possible
^ A man after my own heart

Pariah 8.5/10
Soul Hunter 7.5/10
Blood Reaver 7.5/10

Pariah has me hooked. I'm really forward to the sequel. The Astartes presence if very well-handled IMO:

The description of the enormous Church building was also very memorable. Queen Mab has a steampunk/Victorian London feel to it. Big fan of Dan's world-building as always.

I've read through parts of the Night Lords series before at the book store but this is my first time tackling them in their entirety. They're good but not quite as good as some ppl made them out to be. I think this might be a case of my expectations raised too high by all these glowing reviews. I'm having a hard time getting through Void Stalker. Aaron definitely maintains the quality of prose throughout the series...I think it might just be a case of me not really being a fan of the Night Lords.
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