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I don't really like to apply rating systems to novels, I just can't sum up a novel with a number out of 10 or a grade. Dunno why. But just for the record..

Fear to Tread: U or 0.00000000000000000001/Googolplex. Or failing that, a complete abortion of a novel in every singular way possible, making me and my perception of humanity as a whole feel a little more dumb and unenlightened in a truly uninspiring and bland way, to the point where I would willingly shave off a decade or so of a my life, just to get that day or so back that it took me to read it, and then spend my entire monetary worth to find a way to erase the memory of the novel from my mind and set up an organisation dedicated to finding every single last copy of the novel in existence and burning it, followed by a virus to delete every eBook file. Fuck you Fear to Tread.
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