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Originally Posted by Jacobite View Post
It's the way Hollywood is working these days, they are after cash cows. A lot of mid budget films are struggling to find funding. I remember hearing that Lincoln (DD Lewis etc) had problems finding funding from studios because they are primarily after big budget films that they can franchise and just start pumping out sequels to make them money and it stands to reason, look at the films that the big studios are making these days:

Avengers/Marvel films....
Hobbit films (that was 2 and is now 3)....
Hunger Games...
Seventh Son (about to come out, first in a book series)
Pacific Rim (plans to franchise),
Legion (was seen as the first in a trilogy)
District 9 (Sequel currently being made)

They want a proven platform that they can draw the punters in with. Why do you think Infernal Affairs was made into the Departed. Hollywood has been remaking Asian films for years and rumors of an Oldboy remake have been around since about 2004 I think. For years in the mid to late 00's pretty much all Hollywood horror blockbusters were asian remakes, list of them here: IMDb: American Remakes Of Asian Horror Films - a list by fuwwy11139

But the problem is, the Hollywood versions are all terrible.

Originally Posted by Tawa View Post

The Old World just became a fart in the bath.....
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