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Originally Posted by Lord_Murdock View Post
I've been away from Heresy Online for quite some time now. The first thing I see when I log on is this. This. All I have to say is... excellent work!

As absurd an idea as pony-hammer is, you have done an excellent job implementing it! As a brony myself, I've had a good chuckle looking through this project log. Again, well done, and I look forward to seeing more!

It never ceases to amaze me how these ponies have found their way into almost every corner of the internet...
Thank you

And ask and ye shall recieve.

I am working on a Terminator.
And my almost-finished Inquisitor:

... my matte varnish has dried up. it is a pot of semi-solid goop... about the consistency of Liquid Green Stuff. Varnish is the last detail I need. It is sort of... glossy at the moment
Is it still useable (should I thin it with airbrush thinner, water or something else entirely?) or should I get some new?

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