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Default 'Ere we go 'ere we go 'ere we go!!!

"Black smoke bellowed creating a abyssal cloud of toxic and noxious fumes, clamoring orks trudged forward with intense excitement at the incoming bloodshed. Trukks rolled on by full of them each with thier shiney new trinkets ready for war. Dragblud stood with his retinue of nobs staring at what was left of his vehicles. After being teleported down his armour took a beating and needed attention. With a loud bark to the meks they started to rebuild. He looked gleefully around at the new planet he was ready to smash and destroy with his boys and also to rebuild and create a full Waaagh!"

So I have finally unpacked all my orks! HUZAAAHH! they all seem to be mishmashed of painted and stuff and with my new motivation for them I want to build/engineer a 2k army from them! Also I want to re-write and solidfy fluff and narrative for them and try and get them at a finished point.

I have never finished an army ever.like ever so its a big task along with my army painting challenge of High elves to get them done.

My orks have been sat for so long its hard to remember what needs doing so if you are up for it its going to be ground up working with what I have and hopefully adding to it.

So here they are:


Knackered tanks

With so much to do I think an army list is best bet but for now I am finishing a squad of 9 Lootas with a possible convertion for a mek to finish them just to get back into the gist of orks again.


Full picture when finished

Im not sure where I am going with my army just yet. Im going to organise them into groups (HQ, troop etc) so i can plan what i need to invest into etc. I think once I get 2k points done i could actually face going into gw to play -_-

So heres a list!

Dragblud (Warboss)
12 Nobs
12 Boys with Nob
2 Trukks
12 Boys with Nob (mantic bodies)
19 Grots with Runtherd
3 artillery (1 Zzap other custom)
9 lootas
8 burnaboys (4 extra sets for a 12 man)
3 deffkoptas
1 dakkajet
2 custom killa kans (not pictured)
2 bikes one is a Nob
lots of other rogue trader metal models etc with meks and such that need wroking out etc.

Now my elves are still kicking, currently working on the griffin for the painting challenge and also trying to paint the damned archers!


The colour scheme I think works since I finished the elyrian reavers and the
lothern sea guard. Which I haven't put a picture up of!


So right now its lootas, and griffin on the paint scene and possibly a convertion of a runtherder body into a weirdboy

Thanks for looking and I hope to talk again soon!

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