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Jallus turned his head to the Chaplain.
‘Greetings Brother Chaplin, I have information for our Lord Captain.’ He said to Jaekal
‘ My studies go well, but I have been hindered the restirctions that were placed upon members of my order. I look forward to our next engagement changing this state of affairs.’
Jallus did not break stride as he said this and continued to follow the 2 members of first claw leaving the Chaplain to keep pace if he wished.
Entering the bridge after Azrael and Raskreia the librarians pace slows. Knowing better than to speak out of turn, Jallus stops 25 paces from the command throne atop the dias.
Bowing deeply from the waist, keeping his eyes on the Captain, Jallus says nothing. Although this breaks the normal protocols, he had learnt that even speaking to Xandrek without leave was not advisable. This ‘privilage‘ was extended only to Jallus. Straightening the psychic waits for permission to address his Lord.

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