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Ok, got a batter idea of the group dynamic now. This week was a 'finish up your sheets and backgrounds' section.

We've got a fixer. Not sure if she has a specialty or schtick. The player was still working out details this week, but to the player's credit, she put quite a few ranks into skills like Human Perception and Persuasion in addition to streatdeal, and she spent a lot of time and money on fashionable armored clothing, so promising. Any tips on getting the most out of a fixer?

The Techie is indeed a drone operator. She has a bell Bumblebee with a Micromissile launcher, sh THAT will be handy, assuming it doesn't get shot down. (But since micromissiles can track around corners and cover, that means it'll also be easy for the drone to maintain cover), the GM also homebrewed some cheap and dirty expendable bots based on the roomba type bots in one of the Chrome books. Basically a couple hundred credits nets you a fragile, not particularly fast remote operated hockey puck...onto which you could mount, say, a grenade. The techie has modeled them as spiders for fun.

He's also stated that as the game goes on he'll work with her to figure out upgrade options for her mail drone, like uparmoring its hull, smartlinking the launcher, militech stealth coating, etc. So that has some possibilities.

We do have a Solo, but he's going for a sniper type...which can work well out in the open, and allow for some nasty ambushes, but if we have to do a B&E or some other kind of indoor run he won't be as useful, but he;s still a solo

We have the Panzerboy, but since he knows that outside of a dedicated vehicular combat scenario he's nearly useless, he focused on social skills, and of course still has a fair emount of combat skill even outside of a car.

I'm player five. I'm running a medtechie specializing in less lethal weapons. (He still carries a 12mm autopistol and has a pair of rippers because you always need lethal options). He's a junkyard cyberdoc mad scientist type. As such he's got high cybernetics, electronics and basic tech skills, so he besides patching people up he can pull double duty as an extra techie...can't jury rig on the spot, but with enough lead time, I can build almost anything that isn't a vehicle. And since Medtechies are rolling in cash, I've got better tools than she does. The downside is, I traded away things like Pharma, so I won't be making my own drugs (which in retrospect was a bad idea if I specialize in less lethal, but I didn't think of that at the time)

He packs a volt pistol with an underbarrel strober made from a salvaged Flasher cyberlimb weapon (Diff ref to cover eyes, if failed, near impossible cool to avoid paralysis, antidazzle makes you immune), and he's got a splatgun loaded mainly with sleep drugs (though I have biotox 1 as an option). Even if they make the save and aren't instantly out of the fight, -2 to all stats is a nasty debuff.

A good chunk of his starting cash was invested in a cyberwolf (I got a discount on his cybernetics since I had the skills to build/salvage them myself). It's fairly tough (Bod 11, SP17, more with some custom armor), very fast (MA12) and its primary weapon is a venomed cyberjaw (Sleep again). It also has a popup cybergun in its front leg, but the bite's usually a better option.

I also gave him a combat harness with a basic medkit, a can of skinfoam (the good kind from SW), a couple packs of tissue glue, an airhypo and a couple doses of Sedative, Stim and Trauma 1, so if the techie is pinned, I can send the dog to a wounded teammate and tell them to load, say, the red vial and dose themselves with Trauma 1, then use the sprayskin and medkit to try and do what they can to stop the bleeding until he can get to them.

I also have a decent Empathy (since I didn't load up on cyb), an excellent cool and some streetwise to go with my gang connections.

So, between the fixer, the social panzerboy and the streetwise doctor with snarling cyberwolf, we should be able to talk or intimidate our way our of or around a lot of direct confrontations.

If it comes to a fight, the sniper and the flying rocket launcher should be obscenely useful, as well as the techie's spider grenades.

If they're chromed up I can try dropping them with the volt pistol, otherwise it's the sleap gun or (if they're close enough) the strobe. Even if I can't drop them out of combat right away I can debuff them...and even full bogs need to breathe.

Rather than the straight 'roll under your bod' save system for drugs, the Ref has opted to use difficulty based Bod+Resist Torture/Drugs rolls since it seems about half the weapons that actually use drugs (like drug-a-thug and some others) specifically state to use that instead. Inhaled (Gas grenades, splatguns, powersquirts) is Diff 15, projectiles are Diff 20 (Dart guns, poisoned arrows, etc), and direct injection (venomed bites, jabbing with a needle or hypo, drug-a-thug, etc) is Diff 25. Obviously the latter two need to get past armor and don;t work on hits to borg parts or against full borgs. Gas works on everything so it has an easier save (full borgs will get a decent bonus in addition to their jacked up bods and any implants since their borged up organs would be hard to drug. Exact rules TBD, in the unlikely event that it ever matters)

Hopefully that all should level the playing field a bit.

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