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Walking down the corridor to his berthing, Jaekal paused for a moment, his superhuman senses detecting the tell-tale approaching sounds of a group of his fellow Night Lords. As he stood in the corridor, he was nearly indiscernable from the blackness of the walls in his power armor. Motionless, he thought to observe at first, and only make himself known if appropriate. Azrael, the hand picked Champion of their Company entered the corridor from a hatch several meters behind, with the Company Standard Bearer Raskreia quickly on his heels. They passed him without notice, incredible as he was in his full battle armour. This meeting must be of import Jaekal thought silently to himself, as why else would the Captain summon his entire honour guard? Jaekal soon saw the apparent reason for the others' haste, as Jallus was several meters behind them, apparently heading to the bridge as well.

Turning on his heel to resume his journey to his quarters, a voice came over his helmet's vox unit.

+++Chaplain, Captain Xandrek requests your presence on the bridge immediately+++

Having no need to prepare himself, as he was already in full battle gear, Jaekal made haste to catch up with Jallus. Though the psyker gave him an uneasy feeling, he was still a Night Lord, bearing the gene-seed of their Primarch and as such, was still in some way his same blood. Catching up with Jallus, Jaekal met him with a greeting. "Hail, Jallus. I trust your studies go well? Any inclination as to what this meeting may hold?"

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