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Yeah right, saving money, i bought the Hell Tide of Spawn when it came out, you got 10 x Spawn and 1 x 10 man Chaos Tactical Squad for $180.00 AuD in 2008, now you just get the 10 Spawn for $275.00 AuD, that is $95.00 AuD extra and NO Chaos Space Marine Tactical Squad, that is a 50% price rise and you get less.

I remember you could get an entire Space Marine Company that included,

1 x Company Commander
1 x 5 Man Space Marine Command Squad with Razorback
6 x 10 Man Space Marine Tactical Squads with Rhinos
2 x 10 Man Space Marine Devestator Squads with Rhinos
2 x 10 Man Space Marine Assault Squads

For the grand total of $800.00AuD, so they have taken out the Rhinos and Razorback and added three Dreadnoughts and a Chaplain for and extra $305.00AuD.

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