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Originally Posted by Zion View Post
Don't forget that Finest Hour only lasts like a turn.
Which is fine for something like the Dark Angel one, or the Space Wolf one, but it gives some a distinct advantage (and makes some, like the Night Lords even worse, Fear is crap but for only one turn? And the Alpha Legion one - IWND is only scary on tanks over time - a ine-time only roll to see if an Oblit or Spawn or Daemon Prince gets a wound back is negligible).

TBH, I think the DA one is one of the best - if you're playing at 3000pts it's pretty crap, but at 25,000 it's really really good. Linear warriors, quadratic wizards - buffing the army is jist better than being a tank yourself, as most of these traits are based around. At low points, stuff like the Imperial Fist and Space Wolf traits get better and at high points values they become worthless. Assets are pretty much the same - at 3000pts, Orbital Strike is pretty much autopick. At 25000? Why wouldn't you take something like Corrupt and Despoil or Ere We Go Ladz?

As an aside, I am REALLY liking the new racial assets. Corrupt and Despoil is so, so awesome.

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