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And the rest of the Faeit212 Q&A:

Q: Can you tell us anything about the nid stuff? I have to admit I'm very curious about our bio-titans.
A: barbed hierdule, Harridan and hierophant bio-titan are in, they cost less than before i think, titan at least 250 points less.

Q: Is there a section on scratch-building and custom rules like the old book?
A: There a few pages with suggestions and stuff like that.

Q: Anything on the tyranid gargantuan creatures and what there like?
A: Answered above, the bio-cannon is now the same for all of them, 48", S10, ap3, assault 6.

Q: what does the great promenade of exquisite excess do?
A: formation must arrive by deep strike and are allowed to charge that turn. rending on 4+.

Q: What dose the optimised stealth group, counter strike cadre and skysweep missle defence formations do?
A: Counterstrike - if shooting at enemey eithin 12" of objective can re-roll to hit. In the first turn vehicles in formation count as fast.

Stealth: halves the range they need to be close to the enemy when inflitrating and when shooting they have ignores cover.

Skysweep: gunships within 12" of the command vehicle can shoot any number of missiles per turn. All tau units within 60" of the command vehicle have shrouded against flyers/flying monsters/gargantuans etc

Q: What does the Tzeentch flaming formation (daemons) do ?
A: They get to roll on a table with 4 dierrent results, 3-4 for example is inv save improved by 2, last one is a nasty attack.

Q: What does the new green tide do?
A: All models need to be on foot, they form 1 big unit, and can use waaaagh each turn, they also roll an extra D6 for charge range and choose highest

Q: What do the Tyranid Carnifex Crusher Brood and the Endless Swarm formations consist of/grant?
A: carnifexes can combine bio-plasma attack using the hellstorm template.

Endless swarm - makes it hard for the enemy to shoot them so they end up shooting snap shots at them most of the time. A single unit can be returned after each break.

Q: What's the special rules for the death company formation
A: They get +A deneding on turn number when they charge, so charging on turn 4 will give them +4Attacks each.

Q: What's the Chaos Daemon Cohort of Blood like?
A: Instant death on rolls of 6 to wound. All of the formation has +1 S and fleet. you need 8 units of bloodletters 1+ heralds and skulltaker.

Q: Any campaign rules other than Armageddon. Thanks again!
A: Only armageddon in the normal book, there's another campaign in the limited edition version.

Q: Is the Strategic Redeployment asset still around?
A: No thats gone

Q: What is the profile of the Vulcan Mega Bolter (Warhound titan)
A: 60" S6 ap3 Heavy 15

Q: I am really interested in the 'The War Council of Mandragora'-formation.
A: It's a bit complicated, there 6 conditions to be met, you roll 3 dice to see which ones you need to achieve, each one that you do grants you a strategic asset but you have to do them in the order rolled. If you complete all 3 you get D3 victory points so it's a nice formation.

Q: What is the speciality of the Grey Knight formation with 3x Nemesis Dread Knights?
A: You pick one dreadknight to be the special one, while they're within 12" of that dreadknight the others have shred.

Q: Do you know the profile of the Tyranid Harridan?
A: 4/3/10/8/8/3/4/10 3+ save, 2 bio cannons, scything talons
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