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Var turned back to the mangled metal that rested upon his worktop. But it was of no use. That ignorant follower of the flesh had shattered his concentration. Roaring aloud Var grabbed the weapon from where it lay and flung it across the forge.

You call out for a servitor and ordered the creature, more metal than man, to disassemble what was left of the once proud weapon before melting it down.

Var turns away from the Servitor as it clanks down the hall, away from it's seething master. Var closes his eye, just for a moment. For a moment he breathes deeply, fighting to regain the calm. It takes little more than a second before Var opens his eyes once more, his eyes focusing on the Heavy Flamer that hangs from the wall. The Flamer of that fool. Of that idiot.

Yet fool and idiot he may be, the weak body that goes by the name of Fundae, is a member of the First Claw all the same. And in the coming conflict, Var will need as many Marines who owe him a favor as possible. And the less enemies he has the better. Although he had threatened it, Fundae was too important to Var's plan to crush the pitiful life from his weak flesh. Just yet.

Without a though one of Var's servo-arms snaked out and brought the Heavy Flamer to rest before Var. The Flamer itself was only superficially damaged, easy to fix. It took the expert Tech-Marine only moments to fuse the fuel line and repair the outer casing of the weapon. Finished with his task Var turned away from his workbench.

Calling for Servitor 19KA-6I Var allowed himself a smile as he entrusted the repaired Heavy Flamer to the Servitor and sent it on it's way to return it to it's owner. Servitor A9KA-6I had been constructed, born even, by Var's own hand and often served as the Tech-Marines personal bodyguard when he went into battle. The Servitor was huge, almost eight foot in height, and almost entirely crafted of cold steel. One hand was a black spike that bared strong similarities to Var's own tail. The other hand was a mechanical claw capable of crushing a battle tank.

Tested upon a thousand battle-fields, Var was confident that Servitor 19KA-6I would be able to handle anything that the Weapon Specialist might try.

Confident in his plan Var turned and strode from the forge, each step ringing out through the underbelly of the ship as the imposing figure made quick progress to the bridge.

The doors sliding open before his approach Var moved into the bridge without pause. He barely registered the other Space Marines gathered in the bridge, instead moving directly to where the figure of Captain Xandrek stands with a handful of others.

Cutting through any conversation that may have been going on between the Astartes Var spoke.

"I hope you remember my requests Captain. Every weapon, every piece of armour, every tank, must all be collected and utilized. I expect aid from the main body of the Night Lords so that the process is quick and efficient. We do not know how long this war will be, and we need every piece of equipment we can."

The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


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