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Yeah, the netrunning section is long and complicated but you don't need the netrunning rules to run a drone controlling netrunner.

You need a netrunner character,
Buy a cellular c-modem and a handful of controller programs (p140) and you have THE MENU (p150 in my book).
(ALL netrunners can do this bit) all you need to add are CONTROLLER programs.

The menu has ALL the commonly used non-in-depth-glowy-tronworld stuff they can use as well as the two other commands that people usually gloss over.

THE MENU commands: The first TWO are all you need for remote control operations.
Locate remote: Find ALL remote systems connected to the net within 400m and display a list of them.
Control remote: Activate the program to control that particular device.
This is where the "controller programs" in the master list come in (p142 in the copy of the rules I have). You just roll d10 equal to or LOWER than the program Str and you get it to do whatever. You DO need to have the right controller program - either bought or self written.

(the first is like a wifi - search for hotspot signal thing).

Other commands: These are for netrunning and part of the complicated mess that that entails.

Log on/off
Run program
Long distance link
Copy: Copy programs or files in memory.
Read: open and read any file in memory - you will still have to read and understand the contents.
Create/delete: These are for the creation of virtual spaces. Like Vspace in Caprica. Can be left for later when you want to learn it.

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