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Tips for making combat less lethal?

DON'T engage unless you can control the combat. Use cover.
Don't try to out-fight a combat character. You will lose. You have to out-think them instead.

Most of the tech in cp is computer controlled somewhere. Much of it can be hacked.
Ask the GM what's around you. The more detail you get, the better.

We were a bunch of guys very into the genre, so we had it all covered. The world has changed since those days. The dark future became the bright and shiny - and you also have to adjust the "future tech" a little to update it.

Wifi did not exist back then. Cellphones were new in the 80s, and still prone to connection issues. PDAs did exist, but weren't as powerful as a 2013 smartphone is these days.

Hey! Where'd ... Everybody ... go?
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