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Hi, well this just what works well for me so :p.

I say drop the orc great shaman, grab a goblin great shaman "I prefer night goblin great shaman.

Get ironhide with da immortals

With the black orc big boss with standard I would drop the armour since he already has bad ass armour and a shield.

Drop the goblins grab night goblins with nets that get bows for free and the nets really help when they get in a fight.

If you hook 2 squads of night goblins with 3 fanatics in them place them on your flanks. When someone rushes them like they have to let lose and shoot away.

I hate orc bullys because if they flee or are destroyed they cause panic in nearby orcs since a orc was involved.

I say grab a squad of black orcs upgrade to da immortals people say they are usless but in a torni and such where you can switch weapons on the fly it really helps and you can take down a terrorghiest "I do often" with very few deaths
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