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Azrael and Raskreia: As the two of you step onto the bridge and give your reports the silent and motionless statue of Captain Xandrek finally turns to face the both of you with his arms still behind his back and you smile at the imposing sight of your Captain as even among the Legion itself Xandrek cuts a terrifying figure with his bat wing crested helmet, lightning covered armour, blood red eye lens and rusted chains from which the flayed skulls of both human and aliens hang from. As the Captain’s blood red lens regard the two of you his deep yet sophisticated upper-hiver voice leaves his helmet in a deep growl which stops several of the mortal crew members in their tracks. “Azrael, Raskreia. It is good to see you my ‘brothers’”, some how no legionary can say ‘Brothers’ with as much venom as Xandrek can but you both know the malice and hate in his voice is not directed at you. “I am the same as I always am, Champion. If there was something wrong with me im sure the Corpse-Master would have notified you.” Xandrek then unclasps his hands from behind his back before he makes his way over to his command throne and settles himself in as you two ascend the raised dais to stand before him. “As for the psyker making his way here…that is unfortunate. Azreal if the witch-kin comes within twenty paces of me but a bolt through his helmet and should he speak without be giving him permission, Raskreia. Feel free to remove his tongue using a rusty blade.” The Captain then lets out a growling vox laugh which you two join in before he stops and then removes his helmet to reveal his paper white aristocratic features and shoulder length black hair. “Now my brothers, let us see what news the psyker has for us.” And you both turn as Xandrek raises his left hand to motion to one of the doors as not only Jallus but also the Chaplain Jaekal enter the room. Clearly this is going to be interesting.

Jaekal: As you make your way to your personal chambers you glimpse several of your brothers of First Claw making their way to the bridge: Azrael, Fourth Companies Champion. Raskreia, Fourth Companies Standard Bearer….and oddly Jallus one of the companies librarians though Jallus is much further back than his two brothers. Obviously the other two want to be nowhere near the psyker and you shiver ever so slightly as the witch-mind passes by you aswell though none of them have noticed you with your black armour in the near lightless corridors of the Maiden. Turning back to resume your walk back towards your quarter you get a message over the vox from one of the bridge crew telling you on Xandrek’s behalf to prepare for the upcoming battle then to come and meet him on the bridge ready. As you are already in your full wargear you turn to face the direction of the bridge and set off at a brisk walk until you end up catching up with Jallus. You must now decide if you walk with your brother, psyker he may be, to the bridge to meet the captain or to either fall back slightly or rush ahead of him to get out of his presence. It is up to you what you wish to do though if you walk with Jallus then feel free to work out a conversation with him.

Veptus: You let out a small breath which you had not been realizing you had be holding as Jaekal stalks out of the Apocatherion back to his own chambers and you turn to right as an apocathery minoris, Brother Xheng, approaches you and lowers his head slightly before speaking, his helmets vox speakers rending his already inhuman voice into a slurring growl “Master, a message from Captain Xandrek”. You follow Xheng’s outstretched and pointing finger towards the vox terminal where there is a simple message from Xandrek which you realize has also been sent to all other members of fourth company: “Viris Colratha Dath Sethicara Tesh Dasovallian. Solruthis Veh Za Jass.” Which makes you smile as you read its meaning: “Sons of our father stand in midnight clad. We bring the Night”. Which as you know, having grown up with Xandrek on Nostramo means you should prepare yourself by gathering your wargear but as you turn away from the terminal you see another message flash up: +Veptus. Come to the bridge+ It seems that your captain has called for you and you now have time to gather your wargear before heading to the bridge to meet him, what else you do is up to you.

Corvis: You watch Azrael leave the training hall to go and find the Captain while those that had gathered start to move away to either return to their cells or train against one another while the rest of Fifth Claw leave Xho laying on the floor to let his Astartes physiology catch up with the four deep wounds in his chest from where you had impaled him with your lightning claw. Deciding to return to your own cell you finish armoring yourself with the help of two of your slaves who bolt the last of your armour in place as you lightly probe the wound in your cheek which Xho gave you. The wound is a rather deep one that has now opened up for all the galaxy to see some of your jaw bone and teeth which you decide needs to be sealed before Isstvan so it is best to go and see the Corpse-Master Veptus though when you arrive in the Apocatherion Brother Xheng tells you that the Corpse-Master has gone to see the captain and if you wish he can see to your cheek. What do you now do is up to you, do you let Xheng tend to your facial wound or go and demand Veptus deals with it while going to see what the captain is also up to? If you remain with Xheng then feel free to converse with him.(So pm me and ill do all of Xheng’s talking for you to post up.)

Jallus: You stop in your tracks at the venom pouring from Raskreia’s mouth but not because you are shocked by the disgust in his voice but because you begin to smile under your helmet at the annoyance and anger you inflict on your brothers when in their presence, especially the Captain who barely seems to tolerate your presence most of the time you are near him but before you can reply to the Standard Bearers question he stalks off with the butt of the companies standard rapping against the metal floor as he uses it like a staff. Following him but keeping your distance you obviously can message him over the vox with your reply to his question before you notice the standard bearer stop up ahead at one of the junctions and see Azrael join him before they both head off to the bridge together. You don’t seem to be too concerned about the Champion joining the Standard bearer though you do stop slightly when you sense the presence of Jaekal coming up behind and wonder what it is that the chaplain is up to. Perhaps you should ask him or will you simply make your way to the bridge and give the Captain your report?

Zhasal: Azrael’s voice cuts across your vox as he simply tells you he doesn’t care about your amusement and if you want to mortals to kill then you must go and find your own. Growling slightly at the champion’s dismissive tone you decide to stalk the lower decks that are filled with mortal slaves though you need to be careful with which slaves you decide to hunt as some are property of other legionaries of Fourth Company or slaves that actually have some value. Stalking along the almost lightless lower decks you step out into one of the several slave living quarter habs which seems almost full as they barter with each other for the meager scraps that they can find but as soon as you step foot in the large relatively open space all becomes silent as all the mortals turn to regard you. It is now entirely up to you what you now do as you have all of the mortals attention. Though you must remember that killing too many of the crew will clearly earn the ire of Azrael and Xandrek but what do you care if two of your ‘brothers’ get annoyed with you at killing pathetic mortals?

Var: Returning to the mangled half melted piece of scrap metal back on your work table you give it a final glance over and decide that it is too far gone to be ever fully repaired into working condition so you begin to harvest what parts you can for repairing other plasma guns in the future. After you finish stripping the remains of the plasma gun you hand the rest of the mangled metal to a servitor to have it melted down to be used for other parts later before you turn your attention to Fundae’s heavy flamer hanging on the wall to your right. Even though he was disrespectful to you and had injured one of your tech-adepts…twice, he will need his weapon before the legion lands on Isstvan to begin slaughtering loyalist scum. Easily picking the heavy flamer up off of the wall you begin your work on repairing it while you think of all the salvage you could gain from the massacre that will soon be taking place where it will be very easy to restock the Maiden’s storage holds with all the spare parts for Astartes armour, weapons and vehicles that will you could ever need. Though to do so you will need to stay in Xandrek’s good books for now and that means completing your work here. Once you finish repairing the heavy flamer you should take it to Fundae and then head to the bridge to inform Xandrek of what you will want to acquire after slaughtering the loyalists.

Fundae: You decide to return to your own cell and check your chain axe is still in perfect working order ready for slaughtering loyal Astartes scum to the so-called Emperor and while you are sat on the edge of your metal cot running your fingers over the teeth of the chain-axe you begin to wonder what it will sound like to hear a chain weapon biting into ceramite and power armour followed by the shouts and potential screams of Astartes, something that has never been heard before as who could of thought of Astartes fighting Astartes? You smile to yourself before feeling at a loss without your Heavy flamer and perhaps the only way to get Var to hurry up and fix it is to get Azrael or Xandrek to tell the bastard of a Tech-Marine to work on your flamer instead of melted pieces of scrap. Though if you do so by walking to find either the Captain or Champion to ask them or simply send a vox message to them is entirely up to you and what else you do with yourself for now is up to you, perhaps you should go hunting down in the lower levels to see if Zhasal is still there?
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