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Originally Posted by Galahad View Post
It doesn't really need to be explained.
Grenades are weapons.
Throw a grenade at me-I'm dead! - its a weapon. however how this is supposed to work should be more defined and absolute , not bits of info
scattered between books hinting or leading one to believe or assume how it works-left up to interpretation-I get the feeling I will spend more time
debating the use of this with my opponent than actually using it. and I cant really point at anyone aspect to back me up-they will have to read
each page # between books to draw their own conclusion-like you say it should be a no brainer about this grenade launcher. Just my opinion coming into to this game-on some things a bit more information required-cuz theres just enough left unsaid to invite debate, you experienced members here have a bit of a debate of its use going on-so I would say its not just me. GW a bit less fluff and more nuts-n-bolts info in future books. I just want to play the game....
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