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Originally Posted by 40koverload View Post
Clearly that makes perfect sense in this reality, but in 40k reality a sniper -someone with a precision Long range weapon and expertise skill -you would think a lot of training would be involved-has the same BS as anyone else
One word. Vindicare. (BS8)

Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
Glad to see some other people thinking they are weapons. I agree, Galahad. If it can shoot, it's a weapon on a vehicle that can be destroyed.
It's even more than that. As the assault grenade shooting attack is a blast then it stands to reason that if a vehicle with an assault launcher or the Land Raider's Frag Assault Launchers has moved more than 6" it can't fire the shooting attack as blasts can't do snap shots.

I'd be talking all this over with my opponent before the game but by the new rules there is nothing to prevent this interpretation. No that I can see anyway.

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