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Galahad nailed this one. It blows me away that people assume that because they aren't doing anything illegal that it's alright for their government to spy on them. Think that some of that information can't be used to defraud, extort, blackmail, engage in insider trading? There is a lot of legal information that people spying on you can abuse to hurt you and others. Anyone not familiar with existing abuses of power in government? Sorry to compliment your post G! I don't mean to discredit you haha

Bush enacted prism, and it's no surprise considering the NSA data collection center was started before obama got into office. So Bush starts prism, after Clinton started the carnivore program and one year before obama gets into the white house. Doesn't that give obama about five and a half years of not doing anything about the program except to use it Scofield? In charge of everything responsible for nothing right? Bush was a big government republican who spent like a drunken sailor too. That was then, this is now.
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