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No, they're not. But you missed my point.

Like I said, once you DO get on their radar, like for being politically outspoken, THEN they have all the reason in the world to go digging for dirty laundry.

Any vocal opponent to whatever current administration has PRISM and the will to use it will he extremely vulnerable to reprisal.

Speak out against the president, protest whatever current policy they;re trying to push, etc, and next thing you know every tiny infraction in your life is being scraped up and thrown in your face.

Not saying it's happening now, but shit like this makes it a real possibility.

And again, nobody has bothered answering why we can't just require them to get a warrant before searching for you through this database, or before gathering the info at all.

What's wrong with Due Process?

Considering Brits don't even trust their policemen with handguns, I'm surprised we're not hearing more sympathy/outrage from the UK

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