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Default The Ashgallow Nomads - Imperial Guard Necromundan Ash Waste guerrilla

Hello there

Finally started to rebuild my Imperial Guard army the way I like it: I have thrown out the medium and heavy tanks and regular infantry (soldiers and ogryns). These are actually for sale on: https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...army-sale.html (minus the veterans and the Exterminator, I have used them for parts. Price to be negotiated!). In go a whole lot of models from all over the place to build a irregular light infantry army. These will depict the ash waste nomads between two major hive cities on Necromunda (whoever knows the Necromunda fluff might remember them) and resemble a crossover between the Fremen from Dune and the survivors of a nuclear holocaust.

The actual rules for the Necromunda (skirmish) nomads can be found on: http://files.sigil.biz/data/fo_031_a...tes_nomads.pdf, so I am mirroring these rules. Meaning no flamers and respirators for everybody. I also give all models a grey coat under which they can take shelter and become nigh invisible in the ash wastes.

The only vehicles will be 6 sentinels and 10 rough riders.

The first part of this army can be found on my (Dark Eldar forum) page on: Project Log: 'The Nomad Legion', Necromundan IG army. Here (and there) I will add step two: taking a troop choice and turning it into an army.

For this, I have gathered models from just about everywhere and have started cutting and pasting and green stuffing.

Here are the models I have finished last year:

Here is the work that awaits my immediate attention:

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