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I don't think even GW knows, called them-they say its a given that the Dread has Grenades like scouts have in their profile-but the dread dosent have grenades in its profile-ONCE you purchase the option of a Grenade launcher for pts cost per codex-The launcher comes with Assault/Defensive grenades codex pg103-but gw agrees that the defensive grenades ability affords you the Stealth Special Rule always giving you + cover save out in the open (within 8inch) and + to being in terrain if being fired upon in the 8 inch range (I imagine as long as you still have the launcher)

Am I allowed to show these Values in this post? if not I will Edit out-its just hard to discuss games rules based on points/points cost and values without showing the #-But i'm new here and want to abide-so Please LMK and I will fix ASAP!

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