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Originally Posted by MontytheMighty View Post
Well yeah, when you know a few seconds in advance what your opponent's going to do and he doesn't enjoy the same foreknowledge with respect to you...it becomes very easy for you to hard counter him (you'll also know in advance whether he's about to feint), overall it's just a huge advantage
Yeah, trust me, as someone who practices martial arts and spars with other people on a regular basis, I know. Even an extra fraction of a second to react can make a big difference. My point was that there are very few examples of this advantage in the fluff (at least that I've encountered). Given his showing, it makes me think that Ahriman might have given a few of the Heresy-era close combat specialists a lot more trouble than they'd probably expect, if it came down to a duel. But then Ahriman would probably just rip their astral forms out of their bodies and feed it to daemons, like he did to a certain extremely dickish Space Wolf. Who needs badass CC skills when you have MIND BULLETS!!!

Originally Posted by MontytheMighty View Post
The short story Rebirth has TSons using precog against World Eaters in melee.
I admit I totally forgot about this one but, given how bleh I found that whole story overall, it's hardly surprising.

The human appendix. Proof of a higher power. A divine kill switch so to speak.

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