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Damn, there are actually a couple of fights I love. But of the ones I can remember off the top of my head:

Lucius VS Nykona Sharrowkyn (both fights)
Kharn schooling Erebus
Corax VS Gal Vorbak
Fulgrim VS Avatar
Grammaticus VS Lucifer Black
Lion VS Curze
Kantor VS Snagrod in Rynn's World
Also Cortez VS unnamed Ork Warboss in Rynn's World (he ends the fight by ripping out the Ork's friggin' spinal cord, what's not to love)
Magnus VS Russ
Ahrimans VS those ragged bunch of renegade marines in Ahriman: Exile. It was one of the first really decent examples I've read about that show how useful having precog powers can be in melee combat.
Lucius Worna VS that augmented guy he was hunting in the one Ravenor novel.
Toros Revoke VS The Brass Thief aka Incunabula (that bound demon, also from the Ravenor series)
And though very brief... Cherubael vs the Chaos Titan
I just loved that bit:
"Kill it."

I actually also found the psychic duels in Ahriman: Exile and the Ravenor series pretty entertaining, if purely because they are so different to the normal fights we get to read about.

The human appendix. Proof of a higher power. A divine kill switch so to speak.

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