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Default Tyranid Devourer and leadership

Had this situation come up the other day.

Devourers note:

"If a unit suffers one or more wounds from a devourer it is required to take a moral check at the end of the phase, it suffers a -1 penalty to its [email protected]

Now say I have 3 units with devourers firing at a single unit, each unit scores multiple wounds on the single target, how much does its leadership drop by?

I usually play that you -1 leadership from each unit that causes wounds with a devourer, so the three units from the scenario would reduce the targets leadership to -3. However on the day I was told this wasn't the case and the unit would only suffer -1 leadership flat. I was told the rule needs to say "cumulative," ie, it doesnt stack.

I argued the case that it was 3 different sets of devourers that were causing these wounds therefore this rule is applied three times by seperate weapons.

Now the way ive read the rule has thrown even me into even more confusion.

The rule states if a "devourer" causes 1 or more wounds they take the debuff. It doesn't state unit, it states a single gun, not multiple guns. So do I do this on a gun by gun basis?

I apologise if this gets contrived but here we go.

Devourers have 3 shots each.
BLeech Devours have 6 shots each.

Another question, what happens if a unit of 15 gants with 15 devourers shoots a unit and causes 15 wounds? Does the unit suffer -15 leadership debuff? You could argue that 15 individual devourers did a wound. Does he suffer -5 if for every three shots that go through make a full devourer salvo?

To make things simpler, what happens if a hive tyrant with two brainleech worms Devourers causes 10 wounds? He has two devourers equiped, therefore shouldnt the maximum the targets leadership be reduced by be -2? The two devourers have clearly caused enough wounds for them both to have wounded.

The rule clearly states "Devourer," not devourers, a devourer. A single gun. Shouldn't I be getting more of a leadership debuff than I was told in my original scenario?

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