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Sitting in his room aboard the Maiden of Sorrow Raskreia was hunched over the right pauldron of his armour in his left hand carefully etching yet another line of lightning around the edges of it with his right. Dropping the knife to the hard bed Raskreia picks up a small brush dipping it into a small container of paint he carefully applies it to an area he had just etched out. Continuing with this pattern Raskreia carefully and artistically applied yet another layer of his favorite lightning he looks over the opposite wall. Looking at his armour Raskreia's lips pull up at the corners of his mouth in an imitation of a smile as his teeth become bared in a predatory aspect as he takes in the intricate lighting he has etched and painted onto it before moving his eyes over to the Banner of the Fourth in pride of place. The thick black cloth split with lightning above and behind a lone Night Lord standing atop a veritable mountain of bones both of humans and xenos, right hand holding a gore covered blade tilted downwards and towards his right side with some spilling of onto the small skull of a human infant while the left holds a bolter out stretched as if firing from it towards the enemy itself.

Looking back down at his pauldron Raskreia carefully follows the etching allowing the paint to settle before going over it once more to fully accentuate it. Standing up and crossing over to the wall he slowly puts the pauldron on the table before turning to his battle plate and starting the process of encasing himself in it. Taking particular pleasure in his left shin and right thigh as he places those pieces onto himself Raskreia turns to his chest armour and slowly rubs his left hand along it for a few seconds before gripping its edges and turning it around and placing it upon his chest and calling for a serf to help with the last parts of adorning himself in his armour before taking his helmet in a loose grip with his left hand and stroking the cloth of the standard before taking it up with his right hand. Stepping out into the hall Raskreia walks towards the bridge where Xandrek most likely is biding his time until planetfall and the slaughter that will follow.

Walking down the corridor Raskreia uses the standard as a crutch hitting the deck with it in time with his right foot causing a break in the steady thumping of his footsteps with a dull clang. Raskreia hears a voice behind him say, "Hail standard bearer" Turning his head Raskreia sees the psyker Jallus approaching him. Lips pulling into a small snarl at the approaching figure Raskreia replies, "Hail witch, on your way to report something of import from the bowels of the warp? Or just deciding which brother to inflict your presence on?" with barely held disgust coming from his every word and stance. Raskreia didn't wait for a response before turning his head away and resuming his measured pace for the bridge the standard raping an angrier sound as he did not like being near the psyker anywhere other than the battlefield where he could be distracted by fighting with Azreal and Xandrek, most often in the thickest of it. Thinking of this Raskreia hears a voice again calling out to him, "Hail Raskreia, on your way to our lord?" Spinning around Raskreia sees it is the Company Champion and not the Psyker. Leaning on the standard a bit Raskreia smiles slightly as he looks at him appearing to be set for war as well as a willingness to be at Xandrek's side. Responding Raskreia smiles openly, "Hail Azrael, yes and judging by your own appearance and general attitude that is also where you yourself are heading correct? If I may, why do we not head to the bridge together?" lightly before fidgeting with his helmet slightly. Should I tell him about the psyker or wait and let him deal with it? Maybe warn Xandrek about him approaching and let the Captain sort it out? Ah well maybe that should be best, sit back and let him get executed by himself as no one in the Legion likes them.

"It would be a pleasure brother" Azrael replies. Raskreia nods in acceptance of this before motioning with his left hand for Azreal to take the lead. "Well brother let's not keep our Lord waiting. Though he does seem to be rather distant and tense as of late though. Maybe he has been hanging around the Young Blood to much recently or maybe even the Chaplain Jaekel and his sermonizing which I gather would put even the Word Bearers to shame.Raskreia adds with a slight laugh. Walking in silence waiting for a reply Raskreia kept a step behind Azrael in deference to his lethality and position in the company. Upon reaching the bridge doors Raskreia pushes them open with his left hand seeing Xandrek turn his head to look before returning to gaze at a nothing.

Walking into the bridge Raskreia noticed Xandrek’s shield was resting against the throne like command chair. Xandrek’s personal motto writ bold in a blood red Nostramon writing on a flyer of flayed skin saying I am the Lord of Lies. I know only the truth. below he winged skull of a Nostramo with a black blade impaling it from top to bottom with blood dripping from the tip in 1 blood drop. The shield itself a massive piece of adamantium and ceramite reinforced with powerful shielding turning it into a veritable movable fortress while allowing Xandrek to wield his sword in the other hand. Coming to a stop just outside of blade range Raskreia offers a respectful nod towards Xandrek saying "Captain, pleasure seeing you. Though I think that pleasure will be greatly diminished as the psyker Jallus is most likely on his way here."

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