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They don't call it plasti-crack for nothing. I know people who have entire cupboards full of unassembled stuff. and boxes full of half painted minis, while they still buy more stuff to work on new projects.
100% Agree. I bought 10 Space Wolves as a present for a nephew at Christmas...

... 20 more Wolves, 20 CSM, 5 SW Termies, 5 Chaos Termies, 5 Havocs, 5 Devastator Marines, a Chaos Lord, 2 Chaos Sorcerers, Bjorn the Fell Handed, Ulrik the Slayer, 1 Chaos Predator, 1 Predator, 2 Bikes, a Hell Brute (ebay) 20 Cultists, (ebay) and numerous bits from ebay later.

Number of models fully painted = 1

Plasti-crack is definitely the right term.


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