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Alright, Back from Vacation and i managed to finish the Dread as well as Put together the drop pod. I'm still unsure if i am going to magnetize it as i don't have the luxury of having the time to do so. that being said im painting it in a three stage approach and because it is Venerable dreads transport i will be painting it to match the Dreadnought. I also picked up a Ne predator that i will try my hand with as I get my airbrush kit today (hopefully). Pictures of the finished dread and the Drop pod WIP will be put up once i get home today. Just wanted to give a little update to everyone. I have also Decided on a name for the Army. Essentially since my playing style is defensive (very much like the imperial fists) the chapter will be an successor chapter. Namely the Obsidian Fists (I just need to paint all their hands black now) I'm working on the Fluff as i go along.

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