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Originally Posted by 1ale4 View Post
I'm quite sure that when Apocalypse went out the first time GW sold formations boxes at a smaller price so I was kinda disappointed when I saw the Apocalypse Formations prices on GW site: what's the point of picking them if the overall price it's just the total of every piece? I mean, if I take 1st Company Veterans I expect a saled price!
Appart from conveinience there is no point to getting these one click bundle deals....

Infact.. Some of these deals could end up costing you money.

Take for instance the 'Imperial Sheild Company' for the Imperial Guard. It costs £252.... for what you get in it, if you were to instead buy 3 battleforce boxes, then get the command squad and advisors separately, it only costs you £251, plus you get 3 sentinals extra... Those 3 sentinals would cost you £54 to buy extra.

The Necron Infinite Phalanx... It costs the same as 10 boxes of warriors, but, you don't get the scarabs with them you would normally.

The War Council of Mandragora is also cheaper if you bought it separately piece by piece...

The then Windrider Host for Eldar is also £210... separately, it'd cost you £206.

In other words, i'd suggest people shop smart and buy things separately, rather then using these one click deals.
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