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Originally Posted by The Sturk View Post
Anyone else concerned that Vortex Missiles could possibly be usable in vanilla 40k?
I'm assuming they'll have special rules and cost a boatload of points, so not really.

Well iPad sample stuff is out so let's see what we got.

From the Strategic Asset Cards:
Crusade Banner- Space Marines- A banner from the time of the Great Crusade instils incredible devotion. - Use this Strategic Asset after deployment is complete and nominate one friendly Space Marine Standard Bearer. All friendly Space Marine units within 24" of the Standard Bearer have the Feel No Pain special rule.

From the sample for the Apoc Book:
The sample only covers Chapter 1: "What is Apocalypse?".

Though of note I did see something interesting:
Defines 40k as 1 player on each side, Apocalypse as 4 or more players split into two sides and "Mega-Apocalypse" as 8 or more players split into two sides.

Also from the 40k Apocalypse blog:
Lord of Skulls
Triple Khorne's sacred number is indeed its point cost. All directly battle revelant stats seem rather mediocre with 3's and 4's (except S which is 10 ofc). no 14's in its armour rating.
But it has 9 Hullpoints, and the rule "Fuelled by Rage", which gives it +1A for every lost HP (keeping that even if the HP is repaired later) up to A: 10.

"Tracked Behemoth": It may not Stomp, but use the "Thunderblitz" table for Ramming and Tank Shock for Superheavy Vehicles.

3 Weapon points, the axe which can't be exchanged (but has S: D !), one template weapon in the belly, one more conventional shooting arm-weapon.

The belly-weapons names:
- Gorestorm Cannon (Hellstorm template, MEQ killy high-S stat, standard loadout)
- Deamongore Cannon (Gorestorm with higher strength, gets hot and Instant Death)
- Ichor Cannon which is a large blast TEQ-killy weapon with slightly lower strength then the other options.

- Hades Gatling cannon (standard loadout, 12 shots pinning version of what Forgefiends have)
- SKULLHURLER (caption for actually hurling skulls, which is cheesesome) which is an apocalyptic Blast MEQ killy high-S weapon with good range, and special rule "Gnaw" forcing successful saves to reroll.
From Darog's Company (claim is from iPad Sample, perhaps they got ahold of a different one than I did):

Scoring is done based on the number of strategic objectives controlled each break and at the end of the battle.
Ripctide Wing: 3+ Riptides gains Coordinated Attacks and Networked Reactors
Transcendent C'Tan (no rules listed)
WraithKnight Dreamwalker Squad: 3-5 Wraithknights. Gains Dreamwalk (fluff mentions faster response times)
Baneblade: 525 pts (with no sponsons), can take 2 sets of sponsons for 50pts a pair (lost option for flamer sponsons and option for extra armor), commisar tank upgrade for 45pts, and command tank upgrade for 200pts. HK/Stubber/SB all as guard codex
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