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In the centre of the vessel insulated as much as possible from the imaterium, shrowded in darkness, was the Librarium. The central repository for knowledge and reports of battles long past. Sitting silently with his legs underneath him, Jallus sat facing the large door of the inner librarium. Two other Librarians spread out forming a semi circle of sorts. On Jallus's right was Librarian Antallus Zartis and to his left was Indrick Taelos. Using forbidden powers the librarians communed with each other reinforcing their mental strengths with practised exercises.
It would have been a full circle if the Night Lords produced more librarians or 'psykers' as many marines in the chapter called them. The time was fast approaching for exercises to stop and war to begin. War against fellow Astartes. Jallus relished the thought. To test his metal against those whose strength could match his own gene enhanced physic. He had been meditating for around 2 hours, sending barbed mental attacks at his fellows while reinforcing his own mental barriers. 2 hours of thinking. 2 hours of scheming while he waited. He sensed that the Maiden would in fact appear at Isstavn V slightly ahead of most of the night lords fleet.
Jallus exhaled. It seemed to take an age to fully breath out. His mind emptied of thought as well as his lung of air. He finely opened his black midnight eyes. Looking around the shadowy room he could see the other doing the same.
"What is wrong brother" said Indrick
"It is nothing. Go back to mediating and I will return shortly.'
With that Jallus rose from his position and walked over to the weapon rack. He collected his force axe and bolt pistol. The axe still felt great in his hand as if it was an extension of his mind. He pushed some power into it with his mind feeling the radiance of psychic power bleeding of the blade. It was was thrill to use if battle, much more than it should have been he knew.
He walked to the main doors of the librarium, passing over it's hold and immediately feeling the power of the imaterium. Outside of the sanctuary there was less psychic shielding and now there was just the thin geller field between his mind and the raging warp. He must be quick to warn the Captain that would arrive earlier than anticipated.
Turning towards the bridge Jallus paced towards the bridge, confident he would not be held up. Nobody wanted to talk to a psyker unless they needed too. The low lights of the ship made him feel at home, he preferred this dark half light. Step through the bulk head door. Up ahead he could see Raskreia, carrying the company standard. Jallus disliked being near him in battle and spent as little time in his company out of battle. But there was nothing for it. The speediest route to the bridge was the same route as Raskreia.
'Hail standard bearer' Jallus voiced as he came up behind the marine.

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