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Still reading "Angel Exterminatus", and just got to the part where they shoot Fulgrim in the head. That shit rocks! We all know the story (that he lives), but still. Reminds me of the 'last' 'Friday the 13th' from the early 90s. It starts out with Jason chasing some teenager through the woods, except she leads him into an ambush and suddenly spotlights come on and the army is there shooting Jason up. Jason takes the shots, but than they call in artillery and blow him up. That was the first 5 min. of the movie, and the movie would have rocked if they would have kept it that short and uncerminoniously sweet with Jason being truly dead.

I am not saying I dislike Fulgrim, normal or chaos version. But him throwing a hissy fit because Pert says something during his theatrics makes him the one female Primarch. He is like the RuPaul of Chaos, and lets face it... wouldn't anyone want to shoot RuPaul with a needle gun?

McNeil writing that he could beat Angron in a fight... pfft. They can write it any way they want, but I say they have to start the fight with Fulgrim threatening Angron "I'll scratch your eyes out!"

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