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You're right. The Emperor's Children are exactly like the Cenobites. They spend inordinate amounts of time hanging out in the Eye of Terror, waiting patiently for some idiot or another to either visit them there or to summon them for a specific ritual. Until then, they behave in a very composed, quiet manner. They of course reserve their penchant for "pain and pleasure" for their victims.The problem is, that's not the Emperor's Children at all. They have the complete opposite mentality from that of the Cenobites. The Emperor's Children seek out extremes of pleasure and pain. They search for those experiences, so that they can experience them. The Cenobites exist to inflict them on others.
- You have a very good point here Phoebus. Anyway the Noise Marines are awesome, and strangely the most awesome are written by McNeil (his last novels are bad - but his description of Marius and his Cacophony are delightful)
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