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The heat, the roaring heat.Deep within the Maiden of sorrow lay the armory, a forge manned not by blacksmiths and apprentices but by priests and once-men. Fundae liked this place, the warmth was intense and filled him with joy but that was not why he was here.This was the den of that iron bat Var,Tech-Marine of Fourth company and Tech-adept of the claw. The Nostramon was untrustworthy was untrustworthy even by night lord standards and if it weren’t for his knowledge and skill then he would by dead long ago by his enemies or his “alies”.Fundae marched through the corridors with haste, his horned astartus helm under arm and his double edged chain axe slung along his back. He came to a medium sized dark room, biotics and weapon parts hung from the walls and hunched over a table at the far end staring intently at some blue prints was the tech-marine.

“Var,i hope you have repaired my flamer by now” Called Fundae gaining the tech-priests attention.

“you cannot rush my work.Be grateful you still live, and let me deal with your weapon.” He was right, the last engagement had a stray round rupture its fuel canister badly injuring Fundae but thanks to the corpse-master he was ready to fight once more.Upon further inspection Ignescunt could see what lay on the table. It was the wrecked remains of an over heated plasma gun not his flamer, that was it..

“forgive me scrap head.I thought you were the fastest tech-priest in the company”

Something snapped, the mechanical arm attached to Var’s back whipped around barely missing Fundae. var turned on his heel staring down Fundae before graspng the handle of his axe. The voice that tore through the helmet of the raging legionaire was like a demonic scratching, its anger brought a slight smile to Ignescunt’s mouth.

“You forget your place. Veteran you may be, but accidents happen, and they can be fatal. NOW.GET.OUT.OF.MY.ARMoRY!”

Fundae was not happy now, the Marine was showing the same disrespect to him as they recieved from the other legions still loyal to the false emporer. Fundae cought himself reaching for the axe slung over his shoulder but he stopped, as much as he hated it they needed Var and he wanted nothing more than to tear that Tech-Adept’s head from his twisted body.

The weapon specialist thundered off barging over a servitor and splintering a tech-adept’s thigh and hip as he exited the armory.

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