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"...I very much doubt that you must do anything besides tend to your flock. Just as I must worry about the physical needs of our company." Veptus glared for a moment at Jaekal before returning to his work.

"I admire your style, Corpse-Maker, and meant no offense with my intrusion" replied Jaekal flatly. Veptus continued, "Of course these are not all the recruits. Some are still to receive those implants, but we are through most of the newest batch at this point. They won't be ready for Isstvan, which will be a shame, but they will be able to replace a large number of the losses we will incur almost immediately after, meaning it will appear to our foes as if we have not lost a single man."

The ability to appear immortal to one's foes... Jaekal was impressed even further with the Corpse-Master's skill and ingenuity and this new revelation gave the Chaplain the answer he was looking for in his visit. "I trust that answers all your questions and assuages all your fears?" Veptus staring indifferently at Jaekal, was noticibly perturbed. "Oh yes, Brother Veptus, this visit has been most educational. I see that the flock is in your capable hands, and as you have your duties to attend to, I will be on my way." Leaving the room, Jaekal thought to himself as he returned to his sanctum. Though the medic was indeed the Primus Medicae, the matters of the immortal soul were Jaekal's domain. Smiling to himself, Jaekal laughed as he wondered how well the medic could operate if his arms were torn from their sockets? Subduing the thought, he entered the corridor leading to his chambers before retiring to his meditations.

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