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"What unfortunate did that belong to? Looks vaguely familiar, though I can't place the face." Veptus turned around from the vox caster to confirm what his ears already told him.
"Jaekal, as always it's a pleasure to have you in my Apocatherion." Veptus picked up his surgical apron and gloves and tossed them in the disposal unit. If he had any more work to do he would put on fresh robes and would have to bloody them again. "That face, until a moment ago belonged to Brother Shen..." Veptus smiled cruelly, still revealing in the pain he had visited on Shen moments before. "He was a tempestuous youth who shamed himself and Xandrek. Fortunately for us, his injuries were sever and Xandrek decreed him to be put to use as a Dreadnought, amongst other tortures." Veptus chuckled darkly as he began to clean his surgical instruments.

"I trust it was painful?" Veptus turned his head and cocked his eyebrow. He knew his reputation as a torturer without peer preceded him, and Jaekal knew it too. The look was simple to give the Chaplain a gauge of just how painful, rather than if it had been. "Regardless, I am not here to pry on your personal amusement I must ask how the recruits are taking to their implants, have there been any complications or psychoses induced as of late?" Veptus sighed. *Why is he getting involved?* He thought to himself. Jaekal cared for the recruits it seemed, but people butting their noses where the had no expertise was incredibly infuriating, a thought Veptus knew he shared with several other masters of their field such as the tech-marine.

"As much as I am wounded by your disinterest at my pleasure..." Veptus said mockingly as he dried his hands. "...I very much doubt that you must do anything besides tend to your flock. Just as I must worry about the physical needs of our company." Veptus held Jaekal's gaze evenly. He had said enough to tell the Chaplain that he should not demand knowledge in area's which where not his to meddle in. Veptus blinked, the connection was broken and he continued to make himself busy around the Apocatherion. "Hopefully you do not think that Our Lord named me Primus Medicae for nothing, as so have every confidence that I can implant initiates with our legion's genetic heritage." Veptus let the rhetorical question hang for a moment. He did not let Jaekal answer, but it served to remind the Chaplain what he had clearly forgotten; that Veptus was in charge of the entire Apocatherion and therefore seasoned in the process of implantation and gene-forging boys into Astartes.

"However..." Veptus continued as he picked up a data-slate in case he received new orders from Xandrek or was otherwise called upon. He beckoned Jaekal to follow and lead him through to the wing where the newest initiates were still sleeping off the anesthetic Veptus had given them for their implantation operations. "...since you ask I shall do you the courtesy of answering. Thus far the operations have been without complications or fatalities..." Veptus walked around the room, checking all the medical readings of the multiple machines wired into these boys for abnormalities as he continued to talk. "...Most of these have just had their Preomnor, Omophagea and Multi-lung implanted. What will follow is several courses of psycho-indoctrinated training to use the new organs before we start with the next set, most of which are centered in the brain and so carry a greater level or risk."

All the readings seemed normal as Veptus checked each one in turn. Jaekal stayed silent, seemingly content to simply watch Veptus work and allow the Corpse Master to explain the procedures which were taking place. "Of course these are not all the recruits. Some are still to receive those implants, but we are through most of the newest batch at this point. They won't be ready for Isstvan, which will be a shame, but they will be able to replace a large number of the losses we will incur almost immediately after, meaning it will appear to our foes as if we have not lost a single man." Veptus was sure Jaekal would appreciate the morale crushing notion that anyone's foe was simply not losing numbers, no matter how hard you fought against them. Such a thought was certain to wound the heart of any foe and inspire fear into mortal at the notion of an 'immortal company' which never lost men. "Now..." Veptus turned to face the Chaplain "...I trust that answers all your questions and assuages all your fears?" Veptus stared indifferently at Jaekal. Hopefully this nosy preacher would finally stop bothering him and allow him to return to his duties...

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