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Morning prayers. Jaekal Sarn, Chaplain of Fourth Company and member of First Claw relished every chance he could get to praise the Warmaster's vision. This time was no different than the rest, except that he was surrounded by fifty recruits fresh from their first round of bio-implants. It was his task now to continue their formation into true Astartes, true Brothers of the Night Lords. Closing his eyes, he raised his hands aloft, invoking the ceremony. "May that we here always remember our place in the Universe... to bring the terror of death upon those who know it not!"

Stepping from behind the altar at the head of the convocation hall, Jaekal retrieved his Crozius from his hip. Fifty sets of pitch-black eyes stared in unison at his immense form, in full battle regalia. From the bleached-white of his skulled helmet to the lightning bolts enscribed on his grieves, the recruits were indeed awed by his presence. Jaekal laughed to himself, thinking of how he too was in there position not long ago.

"Today's lesson, my children, is in the ways of our enemy. The false-emperor, the deceiver-king! His treachery knows no bounds, his minions mindless peons worshipping a pitiful fool! Warmaster Horus, and the Legion, is where your loyalty should be placed. For who has given you this new life? Who has shown you the truth?"

As Jaekal paused for effect, he paced the dais. The roar was cacophonous and Jaekal could not help but smile under his helm. These fresh Night Lords had promise and his message was taking hold quite firmly.

"Soon Brothers! Very soon, indeed, we shall crash upon those still loyal to the false-emperor. Soon you will bestow upon them the gift He has given you. With bolter and blade, we shall give them the full measure of the truth. Savour it! Remember it! As they stand on the doorstep of death, you shall throw their broken bodies into the void, screaming in terror at the truth of it!"

The Chaplain continued on, spouting his own interpretations of the Litanies of Hate as well as several colorful anecdotes of those Brothers who had proved unworthy in battle. "Know this, initiates. As I guide you now in the ways of terror, remember that I will not hesitate to vaporize any one of you who proves a traitor to the Primarch or Horus! Do not ask for mercy, as there will be none from the enemy or myself!"

Closing the morning prayer-indoctrination, Jaekal dismissed those gathered to their daily duties. "Initiates, you are dismissed. Those of you who are to continue implantation, make haste to Brother Veptus in the Apothacarion. The rest of you, return to your daily training."

As the hall emptied, Jaekal reflected on these new recruits. How many of them would be ready for the upcoming combat? Not only in body, but in mind and soul? He had long ago taken it upon himself to steer those he could towards loyalty to the Legion and the Warmaster above all else. He knew that if they saw the truth as he did, they would be unswerving in their loyalty and truly give themselves to the terror of the night.


Returning his Crozius to his hip, Jaekal left the hall, making his way to the Apothecarion to both visit with Brother Veptus and observe the transformation of the flock from fragile humans into full Astartes. Nearing the entryway to the surgery room, which smelled more of a charnal house than a medical facility, Jaekal turned the corner to find Veptus standing amidst the medical equipment that was his trade. Looking past Veptus, Jaekal could see what appeared to be a face suspended in fluid. Hailing the Apothecary, Jaekal queried the surgeon. "What unfortunate did that belong to? Looks vaguely familiar, though I can't place the face." Jaekal let out a laugh at the irony of his question as Veptus replied it belonged to Shen, who upon shaming himself had been sentenced to internment in the carcophagus of a Dreadnought. "I trust it was painful? Regardless, I am not here to pry on your personal amusement. I must ask how the recruits are taking to their implants, have there been any complications or psychoses induced as of late?"

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