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Originally Posted by Haskanael View Post
being an all military base makes it a lot different.
It's not as different as you might think. We still have about the same amount of crime, rapes, assaults, talking back to your boss (yes, it's a crime in the USMC), but no gun crime. Maybe it's because we screen out all the retards?

The biggest advantages to meeting up at someone's house are: 1. convenience, not as far of a drive, 2. playing without interruption of the local rules Nazis, 3. playing with like-minded players. I like playing for fun, for the cinematic experience of seeing my painted army fielded against another painted army on a painted and logical field of battle. I don't get these things at the local game store. Generally, the local game store crowd are: 1. Too young, 2. Too obnoxious, 3. Too worried about winning using questionable tactics and rule loopholes, 4. unpainted armies or spray-painted, 5. not willing to sacrifice outcome for fun.

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