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OK, Tuesday's here! That means the deadline for participation in this Game is now CLOSED.

And here are the requirements for your entries:

- 225 pts
- Must be a unit suitable for 40k (i.e. Imperial Armour is acceptable with the latest rules, but no Apocalpyse).
- No named characters.
- No "unlockable" units such as Command Squads, Royal Court etc.
- Must be a total of 1 Kill Point and no more.
- No Flying Monstrous Creatures or Fliers permitted.

Here's how the rounds will work:
- You will be drawn against a random entrant.
- Both sides will take a simultaneous shooting phase.
- Both sides will then simultaneously assault (both counting as charging unless the weapons fired prevent a charge e.g. Rapid Fire or Heavy Weapons - in this case the squad receives no charge bonuses).

- Challenges are OUT.
- Overwatch is OUT.
- Morale is IN.
- Wound allocation will be random, though Look Out Sir! saves may still be made.
- You may not use any abilities or benefit from any advantages from the Movement Phase (seeing as there isn't one).
- Squads will be considered to be within minimum range. This means they are always within melta range or grenade range etc, but will count as minimum distance for things such as Conversion Beamers. Note that weapons with a minimum range requirement will be counted as in range.
- Templates deal D3+1 hits
- Small Blasts deal: 1 - No hits, 2-3 - 2 hits, 4-5 - 3 hits, 6 - 5 hits.
- Large Blasts deal: 1 - No hits, 2 - 1 hits, 3 - 3 hits, 4 - 5 hits, 5 - 8 hits, 6 - 10 hits.
- Against vehicles, templates deal 1 automatic hit, while both blasts will deal 1 automatic hit on a roll of 2-5, while a roll of 1 still misses.
- Note that these weapons can never deal more hits than there are models remaining in the target unit.
- Weapons or abilities that inflict hits along a line will automatically hit a random 20% of the target unit.

If people have any other questions, feel free to ask either here, in a PM, or in the social group.

Entries are due by this time next week (Tuesday 25th June) - if you cannot make this deadline please inform me beforehand so I can make arrangements.

A word on filler units - I have not yet had the time to work these out, but I will post them up once everyone else has their entries in too. Seeing as we have 24/32 slots filled (whoop whoop, we met the target), there will be eight fillers once more. Be aware - they want your blood!

Cheers, Spanner.

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Spanner's got some great advice as well... Listen to that wise man.

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