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Found this:

Is Green Stuff Poisonous?
Be aware that there is a common rumor as to the toxicity or cancer potential of Green Stuff. Here are Sandra Garrity's comments on the subject as posted to the 1listsculpting mailing list (Sandra is one of the most respected figure sculptors in the world, and has worked for Ral Partha, Reaper, and many other companies):

"The Kneadatite Blue/Yellow (green stuff) is NOT "carcinogenic". That was a rumor started by a competitor back in 1992-3. I have the MSDS on it and anyone can also get it from PSI to see for yourselves what is in the putty.

"After Loctite replaced the PSI formula in 1993, I did work for a year as a consultant to the Loctite Corporation. They had replaced the PSI formula (our "green stuff") with the competitor's product. (I found out later that it was because the competitor priced their product lower) Loctite paid me to work with the competitor to try to bring their product closer to the PSI product---To say that the competitor was totally unsuccessful would be a huge understatement! I finally told the Loctite people not to waste any more money, that the competitor did not have the ability to match the former product.

"I did not know at that time that PSI had been the manufactuer of our "Green Stuff". Loctite Corporation had given me the story that they'd stopped using the original formula because it caused cancer(A LIE!) and that it was made overseas(ALSO A LIE!)

"Later, after I'd given up trying to get Loctite's other manufacturer to match the "green", I contacted PSI to order their Blue/white putty and found out that PSI--Polymeric Systems Inc., was the manufacturer of the "Green". I told them what I'd been told by Loctite and the other manufacturer about the "Green Stuff" causing cancer. They sent me the MSDS on the "green stuff" and it came to light that the competitor and Loctite were spreading a totally false story about the PSI product causing cancer.

"*A note to all*--do not blindly believe rumors! --check it out before you believe what you read or hear. The truth is out there! Look for it!"

Sandra L. Garrity
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