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Originally Posted by baron_sathonyx View Post
a little annoyed with this book, i was very excited about getting the book but then i realized it is the same price as the codex for the physical copy and we are not really getting much for that price.(i could understand if it was a full iyanden codex and not just a supplement and i know people are going to say "well its GW what do you expect", i will tell you what i expect. i expect to be taken out to dinner before they screw me.)
In the US the supplement book is $10USD cheaper. Also when you look at what GW has done for supplement books before this is right in line with that, and has more actual fluff and shiny pictures (and missions, and expanded rules for the army).

I don't agree when people claim that GW is screwing them. This book is 1,000% optional. You have everything you need in the main codex to play Iyanden, this just adds some more tweaks for those who want to take that a little further. You don't need it if you don't want it (unlike a codex which you NEED to have the most recent one for your army) so GW isn't screwing you.

It's a nice addition for those who want it, everyone else can be more than content with the regular book.
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