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From Warseer via BOLS:
Iyanden Book Confirmed Hard version - Page 9
Originally Posted by Frgt/[email protected]
Just picked it up on my ipad; here are the main bits:

No rules for Iyanna. But...(see below)
Edit: ok the above isn't strictly true; there are two scenarios you can use her in. She's just a free upgrade to a spiritseer and gives you ML3. Can't use her in regular games.

Voice of Twilight: WC2
Blessing. Gives all friendly wraithguard, wraithblade, wraithlord and wraithknight models within 12" Battle Focus and Furious Charge.

Pretty nasty imo, but doesn't entirely make up for lack of conceal/reveal.

Warlord traits:
1 D3 re-rolls per game for the walord
2 Warlord and all units within 12" have FnP (6+)
3 Warlord and his unit have hatred
4 Warlord has the spirit mark rule. if he already has it he can mark 2 units per turn.
5 Warlord and his unit has +1 to deny the witch rolls
6 Warlord may re-roll failed saves. loses the ability once he suffers and unsaved wound

Celestial Lance
6" S8 AP2 Assault 1, Lance, Spirit Shatter (If it kills a character or MC, place the large blast marker over the slain model and all units (friend and foe) suffer a hit at the slain units toughness with AP -)
S+3 AP2 Melee, Impact, Lance, Spirit Shatter

S3 AP2 Melee, Mastercrafted, Spiritstealer (+1S to every unsaved wound caused earlier in the game)

Wraithforge Stone
During each of your movement phases, nominate a single wraithknight/wraithlord within 6". On a 3+ they gain a lost wound.

Guardian Helm
Always passes LoS rolls in units of wraithguard/wraithblades and wraithguard/wraithblade models can accept challenges if in the same unit.

Spear of Teuthlas (psyker only) -------Iyannas weapon!!!!
18" S9 AP - Assault 1, Fleshbane, Rending
SUser Ap - Melee, Armourbane, Fleshbane, Rending
So sort-of rules for Iyanna and everything else looks quite nice too.
Sadly no way to play Iyanna (only in the scenarios). This turns me very, very, very sad. I had the hope to can play an Iyanden themed army leaded by Iyanna.

To use her weapon in an "ordinary" spiritseer doesn't mean to play Iyanna. I wanted special rules from she, herself profile (W3, ML3...), and equip like the Armour of Vaul. No matter if She was taken one full HQ slot.

I'm very sad.

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