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Originally Posted by bobss View Post
I agree.

After the The Reflection Crack'd which I abhorred, I enjoyed the development of Fulgrim's cronies and life breathed into Perty and his Legion in Angel Exterminatus. Y'know, in my own bubble of what's-canon-and-what's-not, TRC doesn't exist, or existed as some trick or game elicited from Fulgrim's daemon. The undertones of Fulgrim regaining control of his body before his coercion of Perty and ultimate apotheosis is that daemons are corny and a daemonically-possessed Fulgrim couldn't function in AE's storyline. Which I don't agree with.

Yes, McNeill's prose is delivered on the end of William Wallace's claymore,
yes, there were more continuity nods to Storm of Iron than I'm comfortable with,
and yes, some of the fluff ramifications were not my cup of tea, such as the Heart of Iron,

but I still loved the exposition Perty received and I still believe McNeill can write Iron Warriors well. I've seen hardcore Iron Warriors fans (well, okay, one) dislike the portrayal but then again I saw hardcore Space Wolves fans dislike Prospero Burns which I would put in my top five.

Betrayer was good people, but I could pick my fair share of nits from it if I wanted. But why inflate minor problems to the stage where I'm effectively shitting on a book?
I was going to write my own reply, but bobss pretty much touched on everything I wanted to say. It's not the best in the series, but it's far, far away from being the worst. I don't think McNeill has any need to redeem himself for this particular book.
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